USA Trip

ISHMA Award 2016

Ladies excursion at the hidden resort.

Awarded in Pune Maharashtra Jyotish Mandal.

With DNA Scientist Mr Rae Chandran residing in Japan.

Wonderful session on Shiv Dhyan Yog Meditation.Guruji Aruneshwar's gift a Ganesh idol placed at my home

Guruji Aruneshwar

Successful USA trip from July'15 to Sept'15

Vp of Wells Fargo Bank

Subramaniam Swamy, Actors, Singers & Perfomers

Sanjeev Pandey Famous RJ in New Jersey

Independence parade in New York was on TV Asia float with CEO of TV Asia and Sujata Mehta

At Indian Embassy with Ambassador Mr.Dhanyeshwar Mulley

Gujarat Fair in Raritan Center New Jersey

Director of Horticulture

Chattisgrah Minister

At Global Dharma Conferance 11-13 Sept New Jersey

Indo American fair at Mercer county park, NJ

Aahoa meet at Cherry Hill, Golden Triangle

Social Events

Atlantic city Boardwalk

Celebrity & VIP Clients

Pet Healing

Few Recognitions

Jewellery / Art / Other inauguration

Dhule Expo

Spreading Knowledge