Thank you Neeta ma'am for playing a significant role in my life. I came to you at a time when I was at an all-time low- In a state of severe anxiety and depression that led to various forms of illnesses and pain. ..in that phase, I even stopped singing, even though I am a trained classical singer. Past life regression session with you revealed that it was due to past-life ties and some unresolved karma. You gave me faith and confidence to carry on with my life, and taught me some practical tips to overcome my issues. It's been 6 months now, and am happy to say that am a calmer and a happier person now. I have learnt to forgive people and myself, and cut off all toxic relationships. I have again begun to sing, and so many people have remarked that my voice quality has improved

Most importantly,I have learnt that I need to take care of myself first, and protect my energy. It's made so much of a difference.Neeta ma'am, I'm glad our paths crossed in this lifetime, and am very grateful to you

-Pujita Shetty

My mother first met aunty Nita on the 20th of December 2014 in Guangzhou, China. When my mother told me that a very powerful tarot card reader is in Guangzhou, she asked me to go, i said no mama you go. But after my mother went and met aunty, she made just one call and said one thing to me, and i knew at the very moment i had to meet Aunty.

When i met aunty, she told me things that only i knew, and i was amazed. The good thing is Aunty made me write everything on a peace of paper, and believe everything on that paper has come true. I was going through a bad time and now after what Aunty told me to do, my problems have decreased by 70%. I never really testify for people, but aunty is special. She is always responsive on Whatsapp or calls. After my first reading i have done 3 more sessions, and everytime aunty reads my card i am more and more amazed. We have developed a special bond now and i hope this continues further and grows more. My life has changed a lot, apart from blessings from my family, Aunty Nita is powerful and miracles are possible.

Thank you aunty for everything, whatever you said has been coming true and i am really happy to have met you. I am always here for you if you need anything i am just a phone call away.

- Chirag Jagtiani

By   large all your predictions related to my family & self have come true, & that is why, i see you as durga devi & touch your feet for blessings. my mother always said, Prashant god is in disguise of people, ATHITHI DEVO BHAVA, and i found DURGA DEVI in NITA JI, I am blessed. all my financial & business problems are resolved by NITA JI. SHE IS MIRACLE LADY. GOD BLESS ALL OF US.



My name is Niharika. I am an MBA in HR working in Nisan ltd as HR Manager.

I actually met Neeta Ma'am in an exhibition coincidently. All that she had told me in the first meeting itself, started falling into place thats when i realised i was absolutely blessed to have met her. Whenever i am in confusion or lost, i always think of her because she is the one who will mentor me to take the right path.Even when i think of her I have a Plesant and positive feeling.

I would recommend Neeta Ma'am because she is the one we can turn to for help at all times. She is so helpful that she will personally ensure we get all the needful help.After meeting her, there are no doubts left in our mind.


Devang Bheda

Hello, My Name is Devang Bheda. I am an MBA in Finance currently working with Magnum Equity Broking Ltd as a Sub Broker.

I was basically a atheist before I meet Neeta Ma'am, But finally one day one friend of mine Introduced to her and thereafter things have changed substantially in my life. A lot of positive things have started to happen now. The frustrations I used to have now and then has now left me alone from a long time. I now know where and how I can excel in due to Neeta Ma'am's guidance and support. Even just talking to her on phone also passes on so much of positive energy in yourselves that you can fight your negative thoughts very efficiently.

I would recommend Neeta Ma'am because shes the one who doesn't just treat you like a client, she herself takes personal interest in everyones problem who come to her and sees to it that it is solved to the best & I can assure you that she will stay as a strong pillar for support for us in our good, bad or even the worst times just like our parents do.

-Devang Bheda

Monica Lunia

"Uncanny sense of predicting things, bang on! A good lady."

-Monica Lunia(teacher and trainer)

Shalu Matani

"Has gods gift and gives wonderful guidance whenever needed. She is the one we can look up to in our hour of need and receive Devine help."

-Shalini Matani (Trainer in MDIS Curtins & MIS Singapore) and Nikhil Matani (UBS Executive Singapore)

Phiroz Peerzada

"Nita is the most accurate reader and a wonderful person."

-Phiroz Peerzada(Businessman)

Monali Shah

"The perfect prediction with a perfect solution"

-Monali Shah (P.R. Executive)

Neeta Dalvi

"Nita is a true visionary with perfect foresight n forecast!! She is also very knowledgeable in her field, Last but not d least, she has a very helping nature!!"

-Neeta Dalvi(house-wife, Singapore)

Nikky D'souza

"felt I was lost as I did not know what to do next. Being an orphan I had no where to go to and suddenly I met nita ma’am where I work n she had guided me so well and given me so much confidence that ill b grateful to her ever!"

-Nikky D'souza(Trainee at Novotel Hotels: Juhu)

Prashant and Sid

"We respect your wisdom and knowledge in your field, your guidance is helping my family to overcome our hurdles in a simple and spiritual way. We appreciate your ever-helping nature"

-Prashant Kolvanlar(lead and safety engineer), Manisha Kolvanlar(teacher), Sid Kolvanlar(student)

Ravi Pal

"Dear ma’am, you have given accurate prediction because of your excellent power and control over your tarot cards. You have given me good advice many times which has helped me a lot in my business and general life."

-Ravi Pal(Astrologer and Businessman, Jalandar)

Priti and Shreyas

"I will just say "good help is hard to find and my search came to an end when I found you" thank you nita ma’am!"

-Priti & Shreyas Chavan(Software Engineers)

Bharat Rigani

"Dear nita you are full of compassion and abundance of maturity. Your guidance is like security to me. my overpressure of work does not allow me to spend more time with you to learn few things from you."

-Bharat Rigani(Lawyer and Solicitors)

Amit Patel

"Personally I would acknowledge that she knows the deepest fact of treat people’s problems, I have tried to test her deep knowledge in the aspect of vaastu, numerology, feng-shui, tarot reading, and Vedic studies. Just need to say that she is like a fine cut diamond shining from every corner of mind and soul. She tells us a lot of things to follow but it works only if you follow them truly and if you have faith in her as well as god. She has the perfect solution for each and every problem, she is simply mind blowing!"

-Amit Patel (Singapore)

Helin Shah

"I never believed into horoscope, tarot card reading and everything that gives you hint about your future moves and your past negative influences and predictions to correct those is scary sometimes. When I met her in Singapore...I saw a big queue waiting to get their tarot card read...and so I decided to get my cards read by her when I saw that she was celebrity card reader, even my brother insisted to get it done as my life was bit difficult at that moment. I was not that ambitious, career focused and did not know what to do in life...but later when I got my reading done...my past was very well described by her and my future reading was quiet accurate. ..I actually never believed at that point of time, but as life went by....I suddenly realized that her predictions were almost 99% correct. This is the only reason I would give my testimony and thanks to her that I actually start getting the hints of my future so that I can shape it in better positive way. She is fabulous in tarot card reader. "

-Helin Shah (Singapore)

Devika Jain

"Awesome guidance whenever needed, She is one of the most accurate tarot card reader with perfect predictions and very knowledgeable in her field and very helpful. She is blessed with supernatural powers."

-Devika Jain (Singapore)

Kalpana Shah

"To see what life is after death go to heaven, to see what life is before death go to Nita Bheda ! Chant your worries away, meet Nita Bheda right away!"

-Hotelier (Dhule)

Asima Bhatt

"I had almost packed my bags to go back to Delhi when I met Nita through a friend. While reading my cards she convinced me to stay back and wait for fifteen days. At that time to sustain for 15 more days in Mumbai was very crucial for me. But something in me told me to trust Nita and true to her words I got a break in TV show called colors. I wasn't expecting such a big break as I was a stage artist. Today after four years I have not only TV shows, but ads, films and plays too. Had not it been for Nita I don't know where I would be. Acting is my life and she has given me my life back. I am forever grateful to her. "

-Asima Bhatt (Actor)

Gunjan Kapur

"Meeting Nita m was a boon to me as I was do confuse at that time 3 yrs back. My parents wanted me to get married n I wanted to work for some time. Nita aunty’s reading and Counseling not only helped me and my parents to bridge the understanding gap but also put lot of trust in all if us. It freed me from the stress and pressure of getting married for which I was not prepared. And my parents could look from my point of view through her. Thanks a lot Nita m’am."

-Gunkan Kapur


"There are a very few true astrologers in this world, Neeta aunty is surely one of those few. Her predictions have always amazed me by far, helped me, guided me and that has brought me solace. If you have problems, she has the solutions. If you need help, if you are lost, unable to find your answers, other than god, she is the one who will help you find your answers…. I wouldn’t mind calling her a demi-god. She brings peace to your mind and soul. Truly AMAZING! She is God blessed! "

-Shaan &Sarita

Pradeep Shetty

"I have found a lot of solace in her suggested solutions. Neetas astrological acumen and accuracy is incredible "

-Pradeep Shetty(Hotelier)

Chaaya Gupta

"I have known Nita for more than two decades now, she is a very hard working person and gives her 100 % in what ever she does. The same applies for her vaastu, tarot readings and her astrological predictions. Her advice if followed can change ones outlook to life."

-Chaaya Gupta (Dubai)

"Hi neetaji .....only for you Neetaji se meri mulakhat latuerme hui, unse milne ke bad muze pata chala ki life me bahot kuch hai jo hame pata hi nahi hota hai, unone muze mere past and futur ke bare me sabhi bate auch such batai so hatsoff...to neetaji...Badalde duniya minto me..."

"I would say, " your reading provides us with guidance and accuracy. A path of acceptance and belief that calms the mind with direction and a positive view."

-Sarita Kapoor Chokshi

"Nita is a wonderful person, a great tarot card reader too. I have been to quite a few astrologers, but none have been as good as nita. She is truly gifted. With her aura cleansing methods she has cured the swelling and the pain of my legs which even doctors have'nt been able to. All i have to say is god bless her and may she achieve great success."


"Dear Nita ji, It gives me immense pleasure to quote you that since we have approached to you for our tarot reading we realized that we have a lot missing in our life and by doing and following all your well said ideas our life has changed completely today. All the credit goes to you and thanks for changing our life in better way. It was a miracle that changed our lives and it was you who brought that change. God bless you! "

-Santosh/ Sunita Mishra